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iPhone Weather app moon information

How to check the moon phase, moonrise, and moonset on iPhone using iOS 17

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As an iPhone user, I use the Weather app almost every day. As a landscape and night sky photographer, I often want to know when the moon will rise and set or when the next full moon or new moon will be. There is a new feature that I stumbled upon in iOS 17 that will be super helpful to photographers. You might not even realize it’s there, but it’s super easy to use.

When you open the Weather app to your location, scroll down. There is a new section with an image of the moon’s phase, current illumination, moonrise time, and when the next full moon is.

Clicking on that section opens a new window with more details. You can see a monthly calendar showing the moon’s phases each day. Sliding left or right allows you to pick arbitrary dates to see what the moon will do that day. You can also tab through the months on the calendar to move forward and backward in time.

For detailed photo shoot planning and locating exactly where the moon will rise or set, there is still a need for more powerful tools like PhotoPills or The Photographer’s Ephemeris. However, the Weather app is a quick and handy tool to plan your next photo shoot of the moon.

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