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We recognize that everyone has different levels of physical fitness. Our photography workshops are active vacations where you can expect long hours and frequent physical activity. We label each trip with an Activity Level describing the physical requirements that vary from easy to physically demanding. For your enjoyment and safety, as well as the enjoyment and safety of the group, it is important to match your abilities with the trip’s Activity Level.

If you need help evaluating whether a trip matches your abilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We recommend that you consult a physician before booking a tour with us, and in some cases, we require a doctor’s statement of good health and fitness to participate. We don’t make exceptions to our Cancellation Policy for medical reasons, and we can remove you from a trip if you aren’t honest with us about your abilities.

Here is how we define Activity Levels for our trips:

All Trips: We require you to carry your camera gear and luggage for all our trips and have reasonable balance and mobility while carrying your gear. We also require that you can enter and exit vehicles (cars, boats, planes, etc.) without assistance.

Reflection at Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park

Easy: Most photo locations are within a few hundred yards and up to a mile from the vehicle. The terrain is even, with few obstacles and little to no change in elevation and occasional steps. You should be able to stay out most of the day, driving, walking, or carrying your gear. You should also be able to climb stairs and walk on slippery surfaces easily.

Photographers hike in snow in Yellowstone National Park

Moderate: Photo locations are within 1-2 miles from the vehicle. The terrain may be uneven, with occasional obstacles to navigate and occasional steep sections. Overall, the grade will be moderate. These trips could involve walking in deep sand, snow, mud, or small running streams. Extreme hot or cold temperatures or higher altitudes could make these trips seem more challenging.

Hikers on Mutnovsky volcano in Kamchatka

Challenging: Photo locations may involve longer, more strenuous hikes, up to several miles, on terrain that can be rough, with significant obstacles and uneven footing. Elevations can be steep and sustained, with elevation gains from 500-1500 ft. These trips may also require acclimation to higher elevations over 10,000 feet (3,000 meters). You should be in good physical shape and have no mobility or balance issues while carrying your gear. If you have any heart conditions, a doctor’s note will be required to participate in a trip with this Activity Level.

Difficult: Photo locations may involve long, challenging hikes up to 5-8 miles on rough terrain with significant obstacles. This rating also applies to trips with significant hikes at elevations above 10,000 feet (3,000 meters). You must be in excellent physical shape with no mobility or balance issues. For trips with this Activity Level, you will be interviewed about the physical requirements before the trip and asked to provide a physician’s note stating that the trip is appropriate for your current health condition.

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