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Piet van den Bemd

Piet van den Bemd

Piet van den Bemd is a professional photographer and guide. As a child, Piet developed a fascination for nature and wildlife while traveling with his parents to many different countries and experiencing many different cultures. He got his first camera at the age of 16, and the camera became a new way to look at nature while traveling with his father, who is also a professional photographer.

Piet’s greatest inspiration is the untamed Arctic and Antarctic wilderness. His desire to share the beauty and raise awareness of these fragile environments motivates him to keep exploring. He wants to help secure and conserve the future of these last untouched places.

For the past few years, Piet has traveled close to 300 days per year in polar regions, where he loves sharing his knowledge and passion for these locations with other photographers.

See more of Piet’s work here.

Piet’s Upcoming Trips

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