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France Photography Tours

Musée D’Orsay Clock

“La photographie, c’est une histoire d’amour entre l’art et la lumière” (Photography is a love story between art and light). Our photography trips to France embody this sentiment.

Paris, often called the “City of Light,” is celebrated for its historic landmarks, romantic ambiance, and vibrant street life, making it a captivating setting for photographers.

France is also home to the horse culture of the Camargue, the lavender fields and medieval architecture of Provence, and many other cultural and historical wonders.

Our instructors will guide you through the romantic streets of Paris, help you photograph the white horses of Camargue, or show you sunsets over the lavender fields of Provence. You’ll also learn camera and post-processing techniques to help you come home with portfolio-worthy images.

Join us on a photography adventure in France!

Need help selecting the right trip? Feel free to contact us for recommendations.

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