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Photographers hiking in tundra

Physical fitness and medical preparation

The fitness level for our trips varies quite a bit. You should read our Activity Levels and review the Activity Level description specific to your trip. For trips that require physical exertion, you should train beforehand to maximize your enjoyment of the trip and participate in all of our activities.

For all of our trips, we expect you to carry your camera gear and luggage on your own. You should have reasonable balance and mobility while carrying your camera gear and be able to enter and exit vehicles (cars, boats, planes, etc.) without assistance.

If you live at lower elevations, recognize that higher-altitude adventures can be more challenging, and additional training can help. For very high-altitude destinations, we may have specific acclimatization recommendations or requirements ahead of the trip.

We also recommend consulting with your physician before booking a tour with us. Ask your physician about seasickness medication for boat-based trips if you are prone to motion sickness.

Before the trip, we will ask you to describe any health or medical concerns. We must know this information to help you in a medical emergency, particularly in remote or foreign locations.

If you rely on any medications, ensure an adequate supply for the entire trip, including any possible travel delays. Carry your medications and prescription eyewear in your carry-on luggage, never in checked baggage.

If you have any questions about the fitness requirements of a trip, feel free to contact us.

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