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Tutorials to improve your wildlife photography skills and techniques.

Elephant on the African savannah

Checklist for better wildlife photography

Here is our checklist for better wildlife photography, including planning, camera setting, and composition decisions to make during each photo session.

Gentoo penguins porpoising

The best shutter speeds for wildlife photography

Getting sharp photos of wildlife requires the correct shutter speed. Here is our cheat sheet for the best wildlife shutter speeds.

Bighorn sheep rest on a ledge with magpie in Lamar Valley

How to keep photographs of groups of animals in focus using aperture

When photographing groups of wildlife at long focal lengths, smaller apertures may be necessary to ensure that each animal is in focus.

Tufted puffins

How to diagnose and fix blurry wildlife photos

Learn how to diagnose and fix the cause of blurry wildlife photos.

Rhino in Tanzania

10 tips for taking better photos on your Africa safari

Here are 10 tips for taking better photos on an African photo safari.

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